1 circular.
Su forma es circular Its shape is circular.
2 orbicular.
leaflet, circular, circular letter, flier.
Ella me entregó la circular ayer She gave me the leaflet yesterday.
1 to flow or circulate.
este autobús no circula hoy (persona)(vehículos) this bus doesn't run today
2 to circulate.
El sospechoso circuló mucho tiempo The suspect circulated a long time.
La prensa circuló el rumor The press circulated=spread the rumor.
3 to go round.
4 to be spread, to go round.
El rumor circula desde ayer The rumor was spread since yesterday.
5 to distribute, to circulate, to deal out, to hand around.
Ella circuló las invitaciones She circulated=handed out the invitations.
* * *
1 circular
nombre femenino
1 (carta) circular, circular letter
verbo intransitivo
1 (gen) to circulate, move, go round
los billetes falsos todavía circulan the false notes are still going around
2 (líquido, electricidad) to circulate, flow
la sangre no puede circular the blood can't flow
3 (coche) to drive; (trenes, autobuses) to run; (peatón) to walk
circular por la izquierda to drive on the left
4 figurado (rumor etc) to spread, get round
'Circule por la derecha' "Keep to the right"
¡circulen! move along!
* * *
1. noun f. adj.
2. verb
1) to circulate
2) run
3) walk
4) flow
* * *
1. VI
1) [vehículo] to run

el metro no circula los domingos — the underground does not run on Sundays, there is no underground service on Sundays

este tren circula a muy alta velocidad — this train goes o travels o runs at very high speeds

mañana circularán muchos vehículos por las carreteras — there will be many vehicles on the roads tomorrow

circule por la izquierda — drive on the left

2) [peatón] to walk

por favor, circulen por la acera — please walk on the pavement

¡circulen! — move along!

3) [ciudadano, mercancía] to move around

los españoles pueden circular libremente por la UE — Spaniards can move around freely o have free movement within the EU

4) [moneda] to be in circulation
5) [sangre] to circulate; [agua] to flow
6) [rumor] to go round, circulate
VT to circulate
ADJ (=redondo) circular

un edificio circular — a circular building

un salón con o de forma circular — a circular o round hall

el autobús tiene un recorrido circular — the bus follows o has a circular route

una carta circular — a circular

SF (=carta) circular
* * *
adjetivo circular

de forma circular — circular

II 1.
verbo intransitivo
1) sangre/savia to circulate, flow; agua/corriente to flow
a) transeúnte/peatón to walk; conductor

circulan por la izquierda — they drive on the left

circulen, por favor! — move along please!

b) autobús/tren (estar de servicio) to run, operate
3) dinero/billete/sello to be in circulation
4) noticia/rumor/memo to circulate, go around
circular vt to circulate
femenino circular
* * *
adjetivo circular

de forma circular — circular

II 1.
verbo intransitivo
1) sangre/savia to circulate, flow; agua/corriente to flow
a) transeúnte/peatón to walk; conductor

circulan por la izquierda — they drive on the left

circulen, por favor! — move along please!

b) autobús/tren (estar de servicio) to run, operate
3) dinero/billete/sello to be in circulation
4) noticia/rumor/memo to circulate, go around
circular vt to circulate
femenino circular
* * *
1 = memo [memorandum], memorandum [memoranda -pl.; memo -abr.], news-sheet [newsheet], newsletter, circular letter.

Ex: In most cases there was little substitution of e-mail for letters, memos, telephone calls, meetings or travel.

Ex: Among the documents that are worthy of consideration for abstracting are those which convey information that is likely to be difficult to access, such as foreign documents or internal reports and memoranda and other documents which a limited circulation.
Ex: Short abstracts comprising only one or two sentences, for instance, may be valuable in commercial information services, or local government news-sheets of the type produced by public libraries.
Ex: A newsletter is a serial publication consisting of one or a few printed sheets containing news and/or information of interest to a special group.
Ex: The computer is also programmed to print out circular letters and address labels to obtain up-dated information, which are sent to agencies every six months.

2 = roundabout, circular, rotary, cyclic.

Ex: 'I think that's about it, isn't it, Malcolm?' she said, rubbing her hands with a roundabout motion.

Ex: Products under threat include; greeting cards, circulars, information sheets, newspapers and magazines.
Ex: In 1895 a good London bindery would have the following machines: hand-fed folding machines, sewing machines, nipping machines (for pressing the sewn books before casing-in), cutting machines, rounding machines, backing machines, straight-knife trimming machines (guillotines), rotary board-cutting machines, power blocking presses, and hydraulic standing presses.
Ex: This algorithm handles cyclic graphs without unfolding the cycles nor looping through them.
* bandeja circular para diapositivas = carousel.
* presentación circular de títulos = wrap-around.
* sierra circular = buzz saw, circular saw.
* tesauro circular = circular thesaurus.

3 = make + the rounds, range, pump, cruise, drive, drive along.

Ex: You may have seen the lines making the rounds of library e-mail: 'A Zen librarian searched for 'nothing' on the Internet and received 28 million hits'.

Ex: We will be bringing scholars from all over the world both to range widely in our multiform collections and put things together rather than just take them apart.
Ex: All air entering the building should be pumped through tanks of water to remove pollutants.
Ex: The system also has an add-on, which allows users with low vision to cruise the Internet using a low vision interface.
Ex: Tomás Hernández drove cautiously in the torrential rain, trying not to swerve on the slick pavement of the turnpike.
Ex: A motorist who drove along 20ft of a railway line told police officers his sat nav had directed him to turn on to the track.
* apto para circular = roadworthy.
* circulaba el rumor de que = rumour had it that.
* circula el rumor de que = rumour has it that.
* circular de uno a otro = flow + back and forth.
* circular libremente = wander + at large.
* circular por = navigate (through).
* dejar de circular = drop out of + circulation.
* hacer circular = pass around.
* hacer circular por = circulate round.
* rumor + circular = rumour + circulate.

* * *
1 ‹movimiento› circular
de forma circular circular, round
2 ‹ruta› circular
circular2 [A1 ]
A «sangre/savia» to circulate, flow; «agua/corriente» to flow
1 «transeúnte/peatón» to walk
el tráfico circulaba a 25 km/h the traffic was traveling at 25 kph
circulan por la izquierda they drive on the left
apenas circulaba gente por las calles there was hardly anybody (walking) in the streets
¡circulen, por favor! move along please!
2 «autobús/tren» (estar de servicio) to run, operate
el autobús que circula entre estas dos poblaciones the bus which runs o operates between these two towns
C «dinero/billete/sello» to be in circulation
D «noticia/rumor» to circulate, go around (colloq)
circulan rumores sobre su divorcio there are rumors going around o circulating about their divorce
■ circular
to circulate
* * *


circular 1 adjetivo
de forma circular circular

■ sustantivo femenino
circular 2 (conjugate circular) verbo intransitivo
a) [sangre/savia] to circulate, flow;

[agua/corriente] to flow
b) [transeúnte/peatón] to walk;

(referido al tráfico):
circulan por la izquierda they drive on the left

c) [autobús/tren] (estar de servicio) to run, operate

d) [dinero/billete/sello] to be in circulation

e) [noticia/rumor/memo] to circulate, go around

verbo transitivo
to circulate
I adj (con forma de círculo) circular
II f (notificación) circular
III verbo intransitivo
1 (la sangre) to circulate
(un líquido, el aire) to flow
2 (tren, autobús) to run: los coches circulaban a gran velocidad, the cars were being driven very fast
(un peatón) to walk: peatón, circule por la izquierda, (en letrero) pedestrians, keep left
3 fig (difundirse un rumor) to go round
(moneda) to be in circulation
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* * *
1. [líquido] to flow, to circulate (por through); [aire] to circulate;
abre la ventana para que circule el aire open the window to let some air in
2. [persona] to move, to walk (por around);
¡por favor, circulen! move along, please!
3. [vehículos] to drive (por along);
este autobús no circula hoy this bus isn't running today;
el tren de alta velocidad circula a 200 km/h the high-speed train travels at 200 km/h;
en el Reino Unido se circula por la izquierda they drive on the left in the United Kingdom
4. [moneda] to be in circulation
5. [capital, dinero] to circulate
6. [difundirse] to go round;
circula el rumor de que ha muerto there's a rumour going round that he's died;
la noticia circuló rápidamente the news quickly got round
[de mano en mano] to circulate;
hicieron circular un documento secreto entre los periodistas they had a secret document circulated among the press
* * *
I adj circular
II f circular
III v/i
1 circulate
2 AUTO drive, travel
3 de persona move (along);
¡circulen! move along!
* * *
circular vi
1) : to circulate
2) : to move along
3) : to drive
circular adj
: circular
circular nf
: circular, flier
* * *
circular vb
1. (sangre) to circulate
la sangre circula por las venas blood circulates through the veins
2. (coche) to drive [pt. drove; pp. driven]
circulen con precaución drive carefully
circulan muchos coches por esta calle a lot of cars use this street / this is a very busy street
3. (tren, autobús) to run [pt. ran; pp. run] / to operate
1.700 autobuses circulan por la capital there are 1,700 buses operating in the capital
los trenes circulan a 100 kilómetros por hora the trains travel at a 100 kilometres per hour
4. (rumor) to go round
según rumores que circulan por los pasillos del Parlamento according to the rumours going round Parliament

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.


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